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Teaching and Learning

We offer hosting, administration and custom-tailored learning-management software (LMS) and document management software. And we do it cheap.

Technology can never replace a good teacher, but it can be a useful tool in a caring teacher's toolbox. You want learning technology which will:

We proudly offer custom services built upon a foundation of the following technologies:


Moodle, a world-class standard for free, open, community-centred educational software.

Allow your teachers to explore an unbounded variety of activities and assessments, centred around rich content types and scheduling and communication options to keep in touch with students. Facilitate peer collaboration, no matter your educational style.


Nextcloud, flexible and private file storage, organizer, and communications software.

Do you trust your data to the cloud? You don't have to. Stay in control of your data, and organize your life the way that you want. Nextcloud is supported by a rich non-profit community of optional addons for image management, calendering, communications, video conferencing, document editing, and more.

About Wizardlike Technologies

Wizardlike Technologies was founded to provide positive computing services to the Vancouver and larger British Columbia school communities.

We have a combination of academic and real-world expertise, as well as extensive experience in freedom-respecting, privacy-respecting and community-supported software.

Have questions about other services? We offer a variety of IT and IS services such as email, messaging, backups, and audits.


We're available to discuss custom needs and situations.

For sales, please email sales@wizardlike,ca.